Friday, January 25, 2019

Blogging: Is it still relevant in 2019?

No where have I found the question nor the answer.

And as such, I'm asking it. 

As for the reason, perhaps its because it is really late at night (or early morning, if you will) and tomorrow looks to be a hopeful day. The government shutdown looks to be ending, there's a promise of really good seafood for brunch, a really crispy but potentially sunny morning, and so on.

There's been may opinions, as early as when the social networks started to provide immediate platforms of self-expression, of blogging's relevance. Some of these social-nets and micro-blogging sites have even faded in time and obscurity (as it were, now, irrelevant) but I've been on them all, well -- almost. 
  • Geocities
  • Friendster
  • Multiply
  • MySpace
  • Classmates
  • MSN/Windows Live Spaces
  • Yahoo 360
  • Orkut
  • Plurk
  • Hi5
  • Raptr
  • Google Buzz
  • ...?
By the end of the year my most favorite of all which was well integrated into many of the things we all do in terms of search and services will, likewise, be gone. Farewell,
  • Google +
And so, what do we have left? A monoculture of Facebook with no other alternative seeing as they've taken over Instagram.

Don't get me wrong, I like FB and appreciate that (through its user-base) it still allows a small air-gap between IG. With the arrival of podcasting and the advent of vlogging, life getting busy, its definitely been easier to post photographs. After all, as they say, more words through visual.

However, there are times, such as now, that one can't help to just express one's thoughts past 104 characters. That perhaps a captive audience of your friends, family, and peers are not enough.
An opportunity to say, "Hello!" to posterity in writing just as I miss greeting my live audience during my short stint as a weekend radio broadcaster.

For the aforementioned free form ability to just be. To go it alone on a quick solitary jaunt around the corner and appreciate the simplicity of text.

That is relevant.

To me.

How about you?

Right then. That's it for now. Just as I said during my first post ... who knows? This could once again become a habit. 

'Til the next time!

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