Saturday, November 20, 2010

QNAP: WordPress and Connection Information

Newbie users like me will probably be stumped when faced with this ftp log-in screen when trying to update/upgrade/patch WordPress and/or plugins. You can attempt to guess and enter your details but there's a fair chance the whole process will fail midway through the next steps. Why? What to do?

Chris was quite helpful to get me on the right path. I have outlined the steps below for us QNAP users:

Step #1: Download WinSCP (or if you're further advanced feel free to use ssh).

Step #2: Log-in to the NAS as admin
Using username "admin".

Step #3
: Change directories to wordpress
[~] # cd /share/Qweb/wordpress/

Step #4: Change the file permissions of the current folder and sub-folder contents
[/share/Qweb/wordpress] # chown -R httpdusr:administrators ./

Step #5: Exit the console
[/share/Qweb/wordpress] # exit

Step #6: Open your browser, get back to your WordPress admin console

Step #7: Pour yourself a nice beverage

Step #8: Enjoy!

As soon as you're done, make sure to start updating everything.

Security tip: Outdated WordPress installations and plugins are bad.

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