Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Blog Confusion: How to convert and import from Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal

As I'm testing and developing the QNAP WordPress installation for production, I wondered if there was a way to import from my pages on Blogger/Blogspot. After more than twenty-(20) open tabs I gave up on it for a while and let the idea stew -- threw myself at figuring out Joomla! in the meantime.

A few minutes ago while thinking of how to import the blog instead to Joomla! or how to integrate WordPress in the the framework I stumbled across this post on how Google has nicely provided some conversion tools *awesome!*

These are current services available:

All you have to do is to export your Blogger/Blogspot blog in an XML and feed this into the converter for processing - then done!

A note of caution though, I tried using Mac Safari on them and it didn't work. Pefectly working however on Windows XP, which was what I did before uploading to a network share and finishing off with the Mac.

Now my next project, how to split the QNAP WordPress into more than one-(1) blog to accomodate both this and my personal blog. Better yet if one of the Joomla! developers release a free version of the WordPress integration tool. *sigh*

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