Friday, November 04, 2005

Zero ‘red alerts’ so far in 2005 -- Trend Micro

First posted 00:47am (Mla time)
Nov 04, 2005
By Alexander F. Villafania

Trend Micro senior anti-virus consultant James Lyndon Yaneza revealed that there had been no red alerts caused by a major outbreak of a virus or malicious software or malware this year. This trend does not come as a surprise despite recent “mutations” in malwares, he added.

“People today are smarter; they know when not to open suspicious e-mails, they know what a phishing scam is, and they are familiar with methods of how viruses can spread through their network,” Yaneza said.

“These viruses are being sold as additional functions to spywares and addwares and virus authors are earning from it. Now it’s a money making matter and not just a hobby to spread a virus. People have to remain vigilant,” Yaneza concluded.

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