Thursday, April 08, 2010

WHS: Network Disabled

Alright, its my fault. In the process of tweaking for Jumbo Frame support I mistakenly right-clicked and chose the first option "Disable" instead of the second option "Status" (which would have taken me to the network configuration page) on the Network Connection icon. Dang!

This is obviously a headless machine and I am currently lost. Thankfully its not the first time something like this ever happened and tips from HomeServerLand gave me a clue.

If you have a headless device like the HP MediaSmart Server you can:
1. Connect an USB keyboard and wait about 30 seconds.
2. Next press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and then enter your WHS Administrator password and hit the ENTER key.
3. Then enter "windows + R", (where windows is the windows key on your keyboard) this will open the run dialog and then enter "ncpa.cpl" (without the quotes) this opens up network connections dialog.

4. Press the DOWN ARROW key (only once) and [Jamz: press the RIGHT ARROW key once] then press ENTER enter which will enable the NIC card,
5. If you have multiple NIC adapters you can toggle using the right and left keys [Jamz: or up and down keys] and YES you have to do it blind so make sure every keystroke counts.

I'm doing my darnest to get this working right now with fingers crossed.

[Edit: 10:44am] It worked! Hooaah!
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  1. I know that you probably won't see this but I just wanted to say thanks for this! I locked myself out of my WHS while trying to set up a VPN server. I had no idea that the console is actually 'active' until I read this. Thanks again!