Friday, March 12, 2010

WHS: Reference Account Locked Out?

Once in a while when I mistakenly log-on to the server shares I get the error message:

"The referenced account is currently locked and may not be logged on to."

Thats not too bad and easy enough to fix unless you have not clue how to RDP into your WHS. There are various help suggestions across this blog and elsewhere if the latter is a secondary issue. :-)

Moving along.... Basically what happened is Windows has locked you out for security purposes. So all you have to do is remote log-in (or physically if you can) into the server and reset the "Account is Locked Out" radio button.

You'll find that particular option by navigating:

My Computer --> Manager --> Local Users and Groups --> Users --> (login account) --> Properties --> (uncheck) Account is Locked Out

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  1. I am locked out. I followed the directions here and elsewhere, but when I find the boxes "Account is Locked Out" not one of them is checked for any of the accounts listed. Now what?

  2. Thanks man, this worked great, saved me hours !!