Friday, March 12, 2010

Archos 5 Internet Tablet : Google Marketplace

As previously mentioned [here], I returned the IPEVO S0-20 to Fry's yesterday after a brief test. Yes, it works as a nice Skype wi-fi phone but has some signal degradation issues due to being just 802.11 b/g. Thats what started my look for a device that is 802.11 N.

Enter the Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android.

I got this from RadioShack as they were the lowest and quickest available selling at $249. I was supposed to stress test this first thing during my Thursday meeting only to realize that I'd missed the meeting start (time zone differences), gadget had very minimal charge, Archos needed a firmware update, gadget did not have Google Android Marketplace nor was there a Skype client available yet.

What ......?!!!

So first thing to do is enable Google Marketplace. Thankfully Archos allows such discussions to live and there's a big enough community at ArchosFans you don't want to piss-off. Here's the latest guide that works on FW 1.7.777 (which is what my gadget updated to as soon as I put it on the home network).

Thanks to m4rk3t. Reposting the instructions below.

All you need to do is to:
-download the file:
- put Market4Archos.apk file on your archos disk
- install it by selecting this file using the device file browser
- run the installed package and follow the installation steps

Having done all that you'll find Market added to your apps with several other Google items installed.

I'm still searching for that Skype client as I refuse (until the next 29 days) to give up hope and return. It just might get replaced with something like an Ooma Telo. :-)

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  1. Thanks for this comprehensive review. I love the way you explain the features here.