Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AppleCare: Why Care?

This office MacBook Pro was purchased in the 2nd-half of 2008 and with it the default AppleCare. Forgetting that the default was some 90-days only the warranty had lapsed as of last August (around the time of my Snow Leopard upgrade!). This I realized only recently and scrambled to get it re-instated.

I don't have to tell y'all that its worth having it and my call to AppleCare confirmed my belief that Apple service is simply awesome. They were able to get my protection back in a matter of minutes and didn't give me any hassle (it does help of course that I keep all my receipts and invoices for record).

To answer the question, "Can my out-of-warranty Apple product be re-instated for AppleCare?" is a definite YES. But (and this is important!) you need to make sure that you have the original invoice. It doesn't matter that your MacBook may have been gifted or purchased 2nd-hand, if you got it then the nice people at Apple will let you have it.

Good job Apple!

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