Friday, December 04, 2009

HP MediaServer EX470: HP Software Update 1.3-R and Home Server Power Pack 3

Its been a hectic few days, what with all the meetings and reporter interviews. Not to mention system maintenance and all that.

On the side though, its time to break out in song: At Last

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song ...

My HP MediaServer EX475 is once again alive and kicking and rid of that pesky lit RED LED. This same issue with the light was actually fixed some time after PP1 but it never dawned on me that somehow through some freak mishap the automatic installation of PP3 just recently actually rolled the server updates back.

How? I'm not so sure.

What is sure is that my membership in the WHS Beta Program still stands and that part of being a member is to be able to get bleeding updates. I dropped the ball and interest after PP2 came out and proof that's what was installed is the existence of the PVConnect plug-in. At the same time my HP Server Update version was and for some reason today it had rolled back to

To review, here's the HP MediaSmart Server Software Version list thus far:

I also spent partial half of the whole afternoon trying to understand and reconfigure the internals of Photo Webshare due to the Error 500 page. Imagine the annoyance to find that after the initial update and the succeeding 1.3-R that it now works after all. Argh!

Right, with that being said everything is now working well and it feels a lot more snappy.

To recap .... Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 - check; HP MediaSmart Server Update (aka 1.3-R) - check; red warning light off - check; Photo Webshare back - check; and as you'll probably notice there's 2GB RAM already installed from a previous upgrade primed for HP Server Update 2.5 - check!

Its time to enjoy the WHS once again, that is as soon as the Drobo finishes its data protection run which it has pegged to keep going for over 24-hours. Its now apparently "usable" though even if the rest of the message says the Share isn't protecting any of my data at this time. Duh?

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