Tuesday, December 01, 2009

pfSense: Triple Load Balancing

After several wrong turns, I've finally gotten my rig to play nice with three-(3) WAN connections load balanced.

Everything is running on an old Intel P3-1000 with 1-GB of RAM and 40-GB PATA drive. Obviously its got four-(4) Ethernet ports with parts scrounged from various spare cases in the garage.

How'd I do it? More details on the adventure shortly....

There's a fairly easy Multi-WAN tutorial to follow over at pfSenseDocs which deals with a basic dual-LAN setup. Using the funny discussion at one of the forums gave me confirmation of what I needed to do. Next thing you'll need to do is make sure outbound is likewise working.



  1. hello there! is it possible that i can copy your setup ? thanks! please email me thank you!

  2. can you share your configuration?