Tuesday, May 05, 2009

QNAP: Add another drive to RAID 6, Part II

Its already Tuesday and the expansion is stuck at 75%. All services don't want to work and the space shown via ssh is only 25-MB, plus /dev/md0 is unmounted. The system is still emitting that irritating double long beep every so often that I hear it in my sleep.

There is too much data on those RAID drives now, now way will I accept it getting lost. Knock on wood! I'm scared and loosing sleep over it :-(

I saw a link to someone having expansion problems in the forum as well as the follow-up solution. In case a reboot won't work there was another way shown. ..... Its a backup plan.

But really, hopefully my process actually works and I can send some more positive feedback to users who would rather not have to mess with the internals and stick to the interface. Though QNAP Tech Support is in California and sound to be very helpful, I'd much rather not have to deal with any form of remote access to my machines as much as possible.

Lets be clear that the SATA Disk view still says that all my drives are healthy. The fact that /dev/md0 is already unmounted may actually mean that at 75% this is in Step #9 of the suggested manual expansion process. :-)

But I'm still not sure :-(

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