Tuesday, April 28, 2009

QNAP: RAID size and 2TB drive support?

Per the press release on March 25, its all good finally after much waiting and forum discussion. :-)

"Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB (WD20EADS) SATA hard drive is now supported by the entire TS-109/ 209/ 409/ 509/ 439/ 639/ 809 /809U-RP and the latest TS-119/ 219 Turbo NAS series."

"The maximum capacity can be extended up to a total of 16TB now on a TS-809 or 809U-RP' says Andy Chuo, Product Manager from QNAP."

Also, the latest compatibility list published April 22 has the WD20EADS in the list (and notably without any extra remarks!):

Myself, the server just arrived yesterday and I'm currently waiting impatiently for the RAID 6 rebuild to finish on 7x2TB. Currently simultaneously moving files from the front-USB backup (figured I may as well test it) off the final 2TB drive before I add it into the full RAID set.

At 7x2TB its showing me just below 10TB available ... yeah, RAID 6 means (n-2 disks) with each 2TB showing up only as 1.8TB. I just may decide to make it RAID 5 instead when all is done.


  1. How is it going - is it working well? I am considering the 809U-RP with 8 of the 2TB WD's any issues with your setup?

  2. No issues at all. One thing I realized after RAID6 is that 2TB of wasted space is exactly that. If you're not running Fort Knox best to use RAID5.

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