Thursday, March 12, 2009

Much ado about CableCARD

I've always wanted a SlingBox ever since that first time at CircuitCity some years ago having had to do alot of travel and yet paying for cable where no one was watching. Right beside it in the store was a functionally similar box that said Sony LocationFree. It peaked my interest so I picked up the brochure and took it home.

With travel winding down and finally a big-ass HDTV that supported CableCARD, the purchase never happened. What did however was a PlayStation 3 which when combined with a PSP and RemotePlay was functionally the same.

The gadget geek in me still wants one, and it appears the latest and last iteration of it in the market is the LF-V30.  Prices have been falling (yey!) but so has the value of the green back.

CableCARD from Comcast still doesn't support 
Video-on-Demand. Last night I came upon some info about Bravia Internet Video Link and how Sony looks to be helping hi-definition functions forward in the latest version called Tru2Way. Its been trying to get this done the last half-decade? Hey everyone, us customers are already paying so get your act straight and help clean-up clutter on our setups already!

Sony in the news. I like the fact that the new CEO is pushing reforms. There were rumours that NetFlix would be serving both the Xbox 360 and Playstation3 but that seems to have been unfounded. Instead, a major deal recently with movie studios (an edge that really makes sense) was inked and just may finally provide more content. I can't wait. :-)

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