Saturday, January 03, 2009

Xbox 360: Halo 3 Special Edition

That is not my bed. Far from it and I posted some time ago what it was. Beds for me are like the epitome of charging up and the better the best.

Snagged these pix off a posting to underline that these units have stopped production around 2007-08-24. Whats worse is that anything prior to that date do not have the new 65nm chip (Falcon).

To find out if you do have the new chip then its a matter of checking the box bar code if it says Team FDOU and LOT 734 or above.

Another way is to check the power brick if it says 175W instead of the old 203W -- only Falcon power supplies will take both versions but not vice versa.

My playmate Tophs actually got himself a new Premium edition from Best Buy for Christmas. Valued at some USD $299 less discounts for membership. That unit is probably using the Jasper chip that is fully 65nm even for the GPU. But more importantly the difference being not a collector item :-)

As it stands, my version is Lot 732 with the standard 20GB drive at a cost of USD $250 with shipping. Bummer.

But there's hope. I was able to find a NEW and sealed box just recently and it DOES have the Falcon chip. So what we'll do is snap that up if we can and list this other one, hehe. :-)

UPDATE: 2009-01-12 @ 4PM PST

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