Friday, November 07, 2008

Kubuntu Ibex: How to make it VMWare Aware

It happens, you upgrade to a new version number and suddenly the painstakingly learned knowledge gets dumped out with the trash. Before upgrading to 8.10, my 8.04 was happily chugging along with an old port of VMWare Server. Note that there are issues with VMWare on Ubuntu and its relied on a patched script to fix compile errors and such.

After upgrading I thought it would make sense that somehow old programs would get rebuilt, recompiled, or be backward compatible. Take anyone action, like most my expectation is that it runs and works. After all, this is supposed to be smarter operating system with thousands of eyeballs on the code. Right?


Thanks to Google search, I stumbled upon these instructions. Hey, here's one other reason not to be hasty to upgrade. After all, Intrepid has been out there for a little while and some brave soul more code compile savvy than I am would surely have already risked and ventured. :-)

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