Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home WiFi: Nokia N95

Berkeley in cooperation with Nokia just came out with some very kewl research, under a pilot called the Mobile Millenium Project.

I had just switched to the crummy iPhone, or so my default email sig says, and had to break out my GPS enabled and 5 megapixcel Carl Zeiss lens featured Nokia N95.

The thing is, I forgot how to find out the MAC address and get it linked to my MAC filtered secure network. Damn.

Well, "no worry, spring is here" (Bugs Bunny). In this case, Google is here and definitly got me a jump at how to get it going real quick.

To find out what your phone MAC address is, enter *#62209526# at the keypad. And to make it easier to remember, these numbers correspond to the letters *#MAC WLAN#

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