Sunday, October 19, 2008

WHS: Stressing with the Upgrade

[blog entry in progress]

Had some slow down problems and had a hunch it was all those extra add-ins that shouldn't have been there ... possibly due to programming bugs, go figure. The only way I could get rid of them was to manually remove them via the Add/Remove functions in the Control Panel during an RDP session. And finally when I could get some sense, restoring my WHS to a clean workable state was best done by following some useful manual instructions including messing with the registry.

20 hours running stable (less hiccups after I needed to re-arrange my office electrical setup).

My initial installation of the chip killed the system. It plain out refused to boot properly and kept shutting down. So I hurriedly opened it up again next day after buying some 90-proof isopropyl alcohol and reseated the chip and the backplane. Seems the heat was making it do that but I'm almost certain its either due to the chip upgrade, not being able to properly bond the heat-sink, or simply a hardware problem.

MSS Fan Control was a semi-saving grace. But before that I'd also tried using SpeedFan with limited results. At this time MSSFC is set to use the Optimal setting and on Advanced mode I've upped the fans to +200 which works so far in keeping the heat down. There have been a few hiccups though and the system (to me) hang's by not blinking colors (I've used one of the LED easter eggs to get this effect).

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