Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PSP Games: God of War, Chains of Olympus

New title for this treat should be "Kratos, the Unforgiven".

It would suck to be you man, used by the gods of Olympus for their own ends and then left to your own devices. Of course, that is the stub ending for Gow2 coming soon.

Cratos vs Kratos. Strength, Force, a Power. And also broken ... "crate toss" :-)

This is probably the most immersing and graphically stunning game that I've played on the PSP so far. Its one of those games that justify the thought and price that this "is" a Portable Playstation after all!

I think its also one of those games that make inventive use of the joystick. Also, without reading the manual it took a tip from Chachi that furiously pounding on the left-right paddles would actually get me past those pesky wall crawlers. Thanks Chach!

So far I've finished the game on default setting and am up completing the extra challenges ... sometime when I get bored and go back to finishing the last 3 tests of dexterity and timing.

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