Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fee EYE-FI Fo FuN ...

You know what, its always funny how you have to look far to get something thats available next to you. That's the feeling back home unless you lived right next to an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) wherein brands like Slazzenger, Tretorn, Levis, Victoria Secret, Banana Republic, and so on are actually manufactured locally and then exported for re-branding.

The same can be said for the Eye-Fi which apparently comes from a company based in Milpitas, about 10-miles away.

This wi-fi SD card, something that I seem to remember was available long time ago for the iPaq's has a maximum 2GB of storage space. Thats certainly not enough for avid photographers but for travelers and vacationers it just may provide a solution for geo-tagging your shots. Of course the card won't work right out on a Canon 40D without a CompactFlash adapter, and for this I'm taking a shot at the Jobo SD-CF (hopefully the 2nd generation that supports SDHC is what I get sent).

This time I've tried B&H for my camera accessory needs. Alas, PayPal requires that the shipper and shipping address match which won't work for me since I'll be under alot of sun in a few days. Best option here was to have it delivered to a friend who'll pass it on to me as I arrive at the hotel (hopefully).

That beanstalk story is probably German, and there the lame allusion is to Wintec's DE distribution reach.

We'll come back to this later but I thought to put this update up first.

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