Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lets make Thermal Music

Being a hardware geek who loves music and aesthetics will probably lead many to HTPC configurations. I was looking at my audio systems and figured a nice black steel finish would go perfect for my systems. So off I went to surf-window-shop ...

The Thermaltake Mozart IP VF3000BNS is a beauty. Its chassis has an integrated iPod dock and looks really sleek and won't look garish alongside the rest of your equipment (most are in black anyway for a more modern yet classic look). Other features include the optional Multimedia LAB accessory (though the VF3001BNS has this built-in). The internals of this case will also allow for about 5-TB of total drive space (for die hard RAID fans like myself) and thoughtfully places these in well ventilated sections.

Another crazy implementation is the Mozart TX VE1000BWS that comes with an optional A2413-01 7" LCD monitor. There are other accessories that look great as well including a secondary PSU and ever the Multimedia LAB. This chassis supports an ITC (independent thermal chamber) that partitions airflow into 4 sections for better heating control. Years ago it was the norm to use dual-processors and here Thermaltake brings it back big time by allowing two-(2) independent systems in a single case by combining a primary ATX/BTX and a secondary mini-ITX boards. This thing is as high as a bar stool and structurally sound to even support 300-lbs sitting on top of it.

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