Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WHS: To Do List Projects

There's a couple of things lined up for the MSS when I get down to it. I've got too many open tabs though at the moment so best not to forget what they are:
1. phpBB
2. phpMyAdmin
3. MediaWiki

Some new add-ins that I may play around with from WeGotServed:
a. WHS Customizer
b. Whiist
c. DupeCleaner
d. uTorrent
e. WebGuide
f. ipsHomeControl
g. Homebase
h. easyRADIUS

These add-ins seem to already be in MSS at least last I looked via RDP:
i. FireFly
ii. MediaConnect Controller

All of the above of course is really dependent on the processing power at the moment for MSS as its still running the stock AMD Sempron and 512MB RAM. Thats going to cost at least $100 to get going and I'm not sure about cashing out yet (and even more so because hardware modification will almost certainly void whatever warranty Fry's and HP have on it). *sigh*

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