Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WHS: Cool Tools

Trying to move large files across you network can be awfully slow using standard Windows copy services. After searching for alternatives I came across these articles and indispensable tools:

1. FastCopy
2. TeraCopy and TeraMove

So far all but some thousand of clips I've collected through the years are at 87% moved. Due to some limited functionality none of the above has an easy file compare function -- or at least its not pretty obvious that it has one except for skip, overwrite old versions. Thats going to slow down completion of this mini-project of consolidation. To compare files I suggest:

3. Clone Cleaner Pro

And if you want to sync directories from a shared folder or via ftp my favorite is:

4. SyncBack SE

Finally, if for some reason you've truly f*cked up your system and are recovering bit-by-bit the best I've used for the last 2 years has been:

5. GetDataBack NTFS/FAT

Definitely cool tools to have in your arsenal. Fight!

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