Thursday, June 12, 2008

MSS: SageTV add-in

I know nothing about this add-in apart from it being one of the top downloads at one of the MSS sites that my browsing leads me to. SageTV is of course a commercial distribution and its 21-day evaluation period sounds acceptable (why no 30-days?). There's a .DMG instalation for Sage PlaceShifter, thats what I tested briefly via wireless. All I can say is that its not SlingBox and not intuitive enough for an easy install by consumers (who usually forego reading the manual and here wizard setups are a must). Disappointed. I wonder about MythTV ....


Recently, I made some commentary on errors seen on PowerPack 1's installation. Not too major as its still working well far as I can tell. Just to make things interesting though, I decided to move the MSS beside the router in the hopes that proximity could improve whatever video streaming plans from it (such as the above SageTV). So, I proceeded to shut down and got this screen. Now, WTF is that all about? Of course, wanting this to be a true consumer experience I simply ignored the error and forced shut-down. Moved the rig to the living room next to the router and haven't RDP'ed to it yet to see if other errors came up on reboot. As far as my WHSC's on the other computers and other operations things appear to be running normal. Not too worried, yet.

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