Friday, June 06, 2008

Mac OS X: Finally the GIMP !

Its been some time that Yna'd been looking for an Adobe Photoshop-like application for her Mac. Early in February I remember looking to get this down via MacPorts but couldn't seem to get it down right. :-(

Myself, I was pretty happy with The GIMP via its port from Linux to Windows. Of course, having just moved to the fun side of computing myself it became apparent that though the Mac has some pretty neat applications by default however I was sorely missing anything that resembled at least Painbrush!

Thanks to Wilbur who loves Apple and and a pointer to DarwinPorts I was able to get The GIMP going on Leopard without much hassle. Of course it does help that Apple bundled the latest XQuartz on its installation CD (and that I had to do some messing around before trying to get LiveQuartz working).

Now for some serious layer manipulation!

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