Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gadgets: Pantech UM150 USB Modem

Enter the Pantech UM150.

After two-(2) years of using the Kyocera PC5750 and having moved to the Macbook Pro last month, it was time to change devices. The apparent "upgrade" (as Verizon puts it) isn't really because my older card wasn't working but rather the fact that Apple decided to go the ExpressCard way thus making my previous EV-DO card incompatible. Well, thank you very much ... I think.

The first thing I wanted to do was a speed test, naturally. Below are the results for my area and a quick average is 1-Mbps down and 280 Kbps up:

What are the apparent improvements from the previous wireless device? Lets see just from the box info:

Nothing much wouldn't you say? But wait, here's the thing - USB vs PCMCIA.

That meaning, it doesn't matter what operating system you use the Pantech on nor does it matter what device from laptops, desktops, and depending on how much a gadget freak you are , like me, direct as a shared access point in your network :-)


  1. the MBR1000 rocks, but for portability -- don't forget the new Cradlepoint CTR500 --

  2. @evdoguy:

    Oh, but of course the CTR500! Thats an absolute must if you travel (like I used to more often). Thats not going to stop me from getting of these to add into my gadget collection soon though :-)

    The MBR1000 (due to size) is if you absolutely must use your EV-DO devices to service a fixed location such as a residence or work.