Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update: Sony PS3 Firmware 2.35

Last Wednesday, I updated my 60GB PS3 using the latest firmware download from the official Playstation site. Little did I realized that doing so would temporarily put a halt to my hi-def video appreciation due in fact to the HDMI output not working ^$%#$#%^%!

I was doing alot of other things during the day and I did a few basic cable checks to see if anything was loose ... nope. So next thing I did was pore though various forums if anybody had experience the same and a few apparently said it was a bug for a bug fix to fix GTA4 issues running on 60GB PS3's (that being it affected me as well). There and then I started looking for solutions to possibly downgrade the firmware and apparently the only way to do so would entail sending the unit back to Sony or getting an Infectus mod-chip -- a $50 commitment of sorts not including installation and shipping costs. No way was I gonna mod my PS3 which Sony has so nicely already opened up for 3rd-party installation of alternative OS (yes, I've got Yellow Dog Linux 6 running!), so I decided to leave it at that and wait for a fix probably coming out in a month for v2.4?

On Friday I made half-way attempts to swap back the original internal drive I'd upgraded from to 320GB but paused when I realized that the firmware wasn't installed on the disk but in the PS3's flash memory. Oh crap! Scratch that.

This morning though, just before leaving for Home Depot at lunch to get a grill I made one last ditch effort. What if I reset to factory settings? One forum post which talked about trouble shooting no component video output issues (with the same update) mentioned this in passing. Could it be......?

YES! I reset everything to defaults sans formatting the whole drive and loosing my save games and it WORKED! Whew.

Thats it folks, it appears that similar to firmware updates on mobile phones (like my N95) you'll need to go back to the general profile. In this case, reset to factory defaults every time you do a firmware upgrade in the off chance that some settings don't get migrated or get messed up during the update. :-)

Now I'm set for a kick-ass audio-video display for Memorial Day guests in a few hours to keep guests entertained.

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