Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update: HP MediaSmart EX475

Alright y'all .... after poring through the forums for a tip (no, the HP site is only good for basic configuration instructions) I came across a mention of successful restore when someone used an unpatched Windows XP as the client -- so you have to be vulnerable to fix this damn unit? Thank God for firewalls then.

But guess what, I work for an anti-malware company. Part of my lingo is "patch, patch, patch, ... and patch!". That saying, I don't have an old unpatched copy of Windows XP since my oldest is a least SP1. I dare not install Windows 2k its already 2 years away from being 30 years old in dog years :-(

Then it came to me. My son inherited an old Compaq Presario 2100 with (dare I hope) an outdated version of Windows XP. In fact, better than that, I had patched it previously but never took the time to take stock on the different but it was running Windows XP Home. So since he was grounded for the day anyway (kids these days need to take a breather from being online constantly ... but I digress) grabbed the unit it plugged it into my secure network and voila, THAT worked! WHS Connect installed flawless. To that I say ^$#$%#$%^&!!!

So to those who are stuck up creek's ville for solution, try Windows XP Home. It is after all technically what should be connected to Windows Home Server :-) *sigh*


My 1TB is filled up. Thats one of the major questions I had with this unit, does it use RAID or what? Apparently its using something similar but of course using Microsoft's implementation of dynamic drives -- meaning it generally splits the total volume by half and creates a copy of everything. Effectively, that meant I really had some 500GB of Seagate Barracuda SATA v11 drive space left. *sigh*

Time to move files around again and I'm anxiously waiting for my supplier to sell me some cheap 1TB storage. This holiday week Fry's is selling a WD 1TB for about $179.99 but am looking for something cheaper. After all, if I were in Singapore or Malaysia or Taiwan these drives would probably cost half that sale price!

The hunt for storage space goes on NOW.

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