Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PSP Games: Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squad

I was getting frustrated not having finished the line-up of games on my plate. The first time I popped the UMD cartridge in my eyes were already droopy and almost dropped my PSP at some 2am in the morning. Alas, am getting old and thankfully perhaps games are not just a means of stress relief but a sleeping pill these days.

On the 2nd night of playing (which was nostalgia ending up at the Battle of Endor) I was surprised to find the game end all of a sudden. Its like I was catapulted in the air without a trampoline to catch me. That was just a few hours ago at 1am .... :-(

So I am happy to have finished the campaign version, am off to try the multiplayer version and see what the PSP Network has to offer as a compelling game arena for the full Playstation Network; but unsatisfied with how bried the story line is.

Until next bedtime story!

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