Sunday, May 25, 2008

HP MediaSmart EX475

This is probably my 2nd system reset attempt tonight and its driving me nuts!

After seeing my friend's Joe and Laura's use of the EX470 for their web server use I decided to look around for similar products.

I've already got a Promise NS4300N which also serves as my FTP and file storage backup, just recently upgraded to have an iTunes and BitTorrent plug-ins (and before that my lowly LAN|Drive was dong all the FTP and file sharing).My blogs (this one included) are happily hosted by Blogger. To reach me on whatever protocol I've already used DynDNS to redirect wherever. My trusty old Netgear WGRv4 has been so far redirecting all traffic where it needs to. So why even?

The answer is simple. Even after switching to Gigabit ethernet my NS4300N wasn't performing to the standards. File transfers were ok but iTunes took a little more buffering time. Besides, I technically don't own it and so it makes sense for me to move all my personal stuff off of it in the off hand just in case, you know?

Looking thru an online bulletin board I happened on someone selling about a hundred bucks cheaper than what I would pay even if I did go with Fry's sale price this weekend. Justifying the need vs cost, I went for it.

The big problem here is that the EX475 (a 1TB implementation of the EX740) had already been pre-configured for someone and I didn't want to have to call the seller until the last option After all, this gadget guru wasn't going to give up on a system until it gave way to splitting its innards ... which is really close on this system mind you.


Its almost 4am, time for a nap.

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