Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SIMS to be a Hacintosh?

After a few weeks playing around compatibility questions, I decided to take the challenge and see if my old ThinkPad X40 was up to the task of running any version of Mac OS X. This is the actual machine, not using VMware like suggested in other forums. This was to take advantage of whatever resources from the laptop itself.

I recently got Yna a Macbook from eBay and must say its a very exciting piece of equipment. My thoughts on that later ....

Now there are perfectly legitimate reasons for doing this, my primary motive is to have an exposed machine out there that I could use for work to surf all those bad Mac sites and to have it catch all the bad stuff that a normal Mac user would face. Most recently ZLOB and DNSchanger were seen in the wild having crossed over from the Microsoft Windows platform (sorry Mac zealots, your false sense of security is what we call "denial"). So creating a "MacPot" or "ApplePot" if you will.

To test performance, I installed a copy of The Sims for Mac. As you can see here the graphics work. In terms of speed and response its almost at par with the Macbook even though it had a newer processor. The reason? More RAM. My X40 has 1GB of it while Yna's Macbook as only about 512MB. That should be a clue for later projects involving speed, eh?

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