Friday, February 22, 2008

Game Gems: Clive Barker's Jericho (PS3)

Yes, yes, just finished on "Easy" but that wasn't the point in playing it. In fact the game story line was quite good and immersive. Since I had it running through the HDMI it was nicely rendered 1080i HD.

Its all difficult running until you reach the temple of 7 priests whereupon banishing the First Born isn't as difficult as expected. In fact, at that point I'd say it was corny. Although the small tid-bits of the story did unfold throughout don't we all expect a rather long-ish story at the end?

Hold on, thats only for movies isn't it? Well now, that just goes to show how movie-like the play is and I would recommend this game if you aren't squeamish on the rather rough language used (but hey, if you've ever been in war with dozens of bad guys and what not surrounding you at all sides wouldn't you say "F* me!" is a fair expression to say? :-).

Anyway, game done, yay! Now to go through the whole thing one more time on "Hard" and unlock all the game extras.

Oh one more thing, Yna played through this with me as my navigator and keeper of the emergency walk-through. Heh!

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