Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lotus Mopes

I did it! What, you say? Fixed the "replication" problem on Yna's laptop without a manual and knowing a thing about Lotus Smart Suite.

Basically, her manager asked her last week to send over login rights to email as she was going to be on leave. Unbeknownst to either, an IBM ID appears to be some 190MB in size and would certainly choke the poor BayanTel ADSL connection at home.

Armed with my knowledge about Outlook and translating "replicate" to "synchronize", I realized this could be a case of large email being stuck in the outbox.

Of course, I didn't go about this without updating the whole system basics from Sun Java JRE, IBM Thinkpad tools, audio drivers (no wonder Vonage always sounded crappy), etc. Why you send a road (or home) warrior out without 24x7 access to IT or at least administrative rights to update and patch Windows XP or the laptop its latched onto is .... beyond me. :-(

Oh yeah, one more thing. LN is turn based and appears to be centered around scheduling. Thats putting the idea too far in terms of dependencies of closed windows and tabs, etc.

Well, lets twiddle our thumbs for a bit. We're off to watch TMNT 3 at Gateway in a few minutes with Mig as soon as this whole thing is done. Movie reviews later ....

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