Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't stop now, we're gonna Crash ....

The last time this was an issue, it was June last year. Alas, the heat, wear and tear, seems to have been too much for the poor 40GB mini-HD stuck in my laptop.

Looks like the 3-year replacement rule doesn't work anymore, particularly for laptops that are mostly still solid state non-upgradeable like my Thinkpad X40.

Perhaps its also my computing needs have changed with the times. It used to be more travel and slowly moved to presentations and then on to research and statistical data. Even with 1.5GB of memory, this thing crawls when opening a 10MB spreadsheet filled with over 100k entries.

I've done the tweaks on performance and all that to no avail. There just isn't any love left for my ageing and sometime ultra mobile friend. My eyes are now seriously set for a Mac or MacBook Pro with Core 2 Duo or Quad-core Xeons. Alas, that future is still half a year away at the current point of finances.

So right now, lets sit this one out for the next 20-or so-odd hours to find all the data and restore my Outlook PST files. *sigh*


Funny thing happened just now. Robert, who drives for the airport pickup service, just knocked on my door a few moments ago. He seemed to think I was supposed to be going somewhere tonight. Sorry am not, so sent him on his way to figure that out.

I'm due in Seattle this coming week though. And leaving from Burbank at around this time by then. Hmm ..... dejavu by that time though :-p

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