Monday, September 28, 2009

QNAP: RAID 6 to the Rescue (continued)

Its the onset of Fall and the leaves are starting to make a mound in the backyard. There's been some rain as well. With the seasons changing that also means the room temperature as well.

This morning was the first time I ever saw the advantages of RAID 6.

Actually, the single advantage appears to be stability in the face of two-(2) failed hard drives. For some reason Slot-6 and then Slot-1 started to act up and drop out of the RAID. Now, I know there's nothing wrong with them and my efforts to check the temperature history should little variance. What I did to recover was to simply pull out, dust off, then jammed (literally) the drives back in. This seems to have worked and the RAID just went ahead and rebuilt itself.

Scary, with several NAS once in a while making beeps you get to a point of ignoring these please of alert. Literally the first time Slot-6 fell it wasn't even apparent to me that something was going on as the QNAP is a heavily used file server with gigabytes of transfer going on at all times of the day.

So was it really the weather?

I was going through some forums as well just now and did see some reports similar to what I had just described. Some say firmware on the NAS, some say its the WD20EADS drives -- to me it was the weather and I'll stick to my theory unless something else comes up. :-)

Did this experience help me to reconsider aiming for RAID 5 and recovering 2TB? Maybe, just a little.

However, if things push forward and I get the chance to transfer the main download/upload function to a data center ...? 2TB back for storage please, thank you very much!

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  1. My Drobo/drive/other raid seller recommended against the WD green drives for the reason you found - they tend to "drop out" of arrays possibly due to power saving attempts.