Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Canon EOS 50D: I love this camera!

Merry Christmas to me !!! Woohoo!!!

Well finally $20 paid-off and its finally here. Observe the unboxing of this beauty. :-)

The first thing I did was remove both the body and lens caps and deftly join both ends at the white dot. Odd, I seem to remember using the red dot as the aligning factor on the 40D. I swear some dust particles came through there as I breathlessly did this procedure. Ah, the perfectionist in me lingers.

Took a few test shots and the high end LCD definitely does a better job at bringing out the colors. Sorry, can't really compare this to a Nikon where users say they've been having a colorful experience much longer.

This is the 18-200mm IS non-USM model, but so far I didn't notice much noise (what noise?) difference than with the 25-135mm previously connected on my prior 40D. The lens still drops slowly when I take downard shots (bug or feature?).

Time to recharge the grip and extra batteries. Next up, the UV filter and external flash!
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