Sunday, September 14, 2008

PSP Games: Lost Planet - Extreme Condition

"Wayne, promise you'll come back to me", says the hopeful and confused snow pirate damsel who's also got her heart beating for Dr. Yuri.

Alas, a good thing that our character ends up having amnesia and starts fresh on a planet that finally gets some green after the son of his father's killer does some good.

This game's controls felt a bit like that of GoW, or at least the part where you have to continuously press on "O" and get the waypoints working.

Even at Easy mode its challenging and I have to agree on that setting decision. The boss stages are a fair amount of fun.

Online gameplay isn't as exciting as UT but not as frustrating as Halo and you at least spawn at base with some form of shielding without having to get sniped right away. Looks to be a very popular game in Japan as most game servers and players were hailing from there at midnight with just a handful of players like myself from North America or the UK.

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