Monday, September 01, 2008

PSP Games: BlackSite - Area 51

Just as the title suggests, this game's ending should fall into a blackhole in space. It took me about a week or so before I went back to finish it but was really disappointed that it was just the final few shots and nothing :-(

The game starts well enough with you being stationed in Iraq as part of a mission. As usual the government doesn't tell you what it really is about. You find an alien base deep within some structures. Your war ends, but some time passes and your team get's called back into active duty. You path crosses with the tight bunned Doctor, and you get double crossed by Summers.

There'll be lots of weird looking aliens and one where the idea of the boss looks like something stolen right out of War of the Worlds.
I take issue in your nemesis being too corny compared to R:FoM

Some furious firefights with pro-E.T. henchmen that look really pale compared to the sleek suits in Haze. Have I told you about the un-cool weapons that are new but less effective that shotguns?

And much more, so much more that I won't even mention.

Good story plot. I think varous levels and getting up the mountains to the base was good. Sniper mode rocks when felling them darn pesky pro-alien morons.

Need something more original here guys.

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