Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting a grip on the Canon BG-E2N

Its finally here, the accessory that I've been waiting for (since it got shipped from Hong Kong and took as many days from the 2*th of August). This could have been a posting last Saturday but for some reason we didn't hear Mr. Postman ring the doorbell. Odd.

I must say that the packaging and delivery was excellent. Gotta get back on eBay and give the seller some great feedback. Wondering if this is original, he says so, but better to check. Never the less, replica or not, it fits perfect and I can't complain at this point. Both of my batteries fit in the compartment ... but yes, lets try to use those AA size batteries and see how my Canon 40D takes to it.

Interesting that its been labeled as a "toy", which in retrospect it probably is - more toys for this big boy :-)

Am absolutely loving the new grip. The SLR now feels like a real serious camera! The down side here is that my current case has to go -- with about a 4th more of camera added to the breadth its not going to fit. Time to shop for a new case.

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