Sunday, June 22, 2008

Windows XP: Service Pack 3

I've got two-(2) Windows XP machines being backed up using HP MSS (mostly gigabytes worth of .PST files) and its all working fine. Machines are of course top of the line updated via Microsoft Update to avoid some of the common distractions like botnets scanning for victims. Of course all of this is behind a serious hardware firewall in combination with the default Windows Firewall.

The thing is, Windows XP SP3 has been out for some time and its a humongous update. Lots of things that I didn't think were too broken appear to be critically so. But I won't update, not too soon.

And why is that? Well, simply the fact that on a basis there are two-(2) factors. Perhaps the underpinning issue is that I'm running WHS PP1 which is sort on beta stage; and the other is that SP3 appears to have broken RDP to the WHS -- not good considering that the WHS Console is a basic RDP subset to control the system.

Nothing to do with issue #1 as something has go to get fixed from the 60's (get my drift?). Besides that, I'm still using the core basic system unchanged for warranty's sake (am breaking down on this stance real soon now if it gets MSS to a level faster than Windows XP on a Pentium II). Of course for issue #2 I've got RDP Beta running on my Mac (thanks MS guys!) and can probably survive somewhat, but that basically does make WHSC useless in the interim, eh? :-(

Give me a few days, will update the experience and the machines by then.

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