Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Future Tense interview on threats to online China

May 17, 2005
The coming wave of spam, viruses and phishing attacks from China

Experts predict that in five years, more Internet users will be logging on from China than any other country. They say that could have serious implications for the rest of the global online population, including more spam, viruses, worms and other security headaches. If you've noticed more Chinese language messages in your inbox lately, you get the idea.

Jamz Yaneza is an expert on Internet use in China. He works for security firm Trend Micro in the Phillipines. He says strict government controls have insulated Chinese Internet users from the securtiy problems plaguing the U.S., but that's changing as China hooks up to the world via the Web.

This Future Tense interview is part of Think Global, public radio's week of special coverage.

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